How To Use Credly Badges in Cybersecurity | 5 Surprisingly Useful Tips

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January 6, 2023

Have you heard of Credly Badges? Credly is the most widely used platform for digital credentials like cybersecurity certifications. Certified professionals can claim their official Credly badge, which is verified and share it prominently on social platforms like LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use Credly and many other surprising use cases that make Credly stand out. This is one tool that is underutilized and flies under the radar. Give yourself an advantage if you’re already in the cybersecurity field or looking to break into the cybersecurity industry.

What is Credly?

Credly is a platform for verified digital credentials and provides workforce insights on skills and talent. Credly is not a social platform like LinkedIn, but does have some overlap in functionality.

This new and growing platform has a very interesting value proposition for both organizations and working professionals. On one hand, it provides a public mechanism to issue trusted digital credentials and allows others to verify an individual’s certifications.

Credly also provides many insights using data aggregation across a number of sources including job postings, certifications, and core skills. Through metadata mapping, Credly Badges differentiate key skills and provides unique labor market insights, which prove to be incredibly useful for cybersecurity professionals.

How Do I Claim Credly Badges for Cybersecurity Certifications?

From a cybersecurity perspective, many organizations such as ISC2 or ISACA issue digital credentials for cybersecurity certifications. You can sign up for an account on Credly to accept the Credly Badges that you have earned to build your profile. Simply follow the steps below!

  • First, create a Credly account using the same email address registered with certification issuer.
  • Second, click on the Badges and accept each digital credential granted from the certification issuer. If you’re seeing the Credly Badge as expired, just email the certification issuer and request that they reissue the digital credential.

Credly Badges - Dashboard
Credly Badges – Dashboard

How Do I Add Credly Badges to LinkedIn?

One of the major benefits of Credly is the ability to add verified digital credentials to your LinkedIn profile. When a recruiter visits your LinkedIn profile, they can click on the digital credential link and verify your Credly Badges within minutes. Previously, they would need to ask you for your credential ID number, visit the certification issuer, and then verify the cybersecurity certification.

  1. Log into your Credly account and go to “Badges”
Credly Badges - Dashboard

  1. Select the Credly Badge that you want to add to LinkedIn and click on “Share”
Credly Badges LinkedIn - Share Screenshot

  1. Under Publish, click on “Public Link” and copy the Badge URL
Credly Badges LinkedIn - Share

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile and add a certification. Fill out the fields and paste the Badge URL into Credential URL.
Credly Badges LinkedIn

New Amazing Credly Labor Market Insights for Cybersecurity!

Credly performs metadata mapping to create useful insights especially for cybersecurity professionals. All of these insights are free and publicly available. Start exploring the data using your Credly Badges today!

Tip #1 – Use Credly Badges to Find Cybersecurity Jobs

Looking for a new cybersecurity job? Credly pulls together various job listings associated with a cybersecurity certification. Using CISSP as an example, there are over 29,000 current job openings organized by job titles.

If you have the CISSP cybersecurity certification and seeking a specific role, this is a great resource to use for exploring job roles that may interest you.

Credly Badges - Insights - Top Job Openings Full

Tip #2 – Use Credly to Find Cities with the Most Cybersecurity Jobs

On the other hand, if you’re looking for job openings by location, Credly aggregates these insights for you as well! Just pick the location and you will be presented with a list of job openings in that area.

Credly Badges - Insights - Top Locations Full

Tip #3 – Use Credly to Understand Cybersecurity Job Salaries

Who isn’t interested in cybersecurity salary information? In today’s industry, salary transparency is increasing, which promotes fair and equitable pay for job seekers. Looking at the salary ranges below, it is not a surprise to see the majority of cybersecurity jobs are six figures. (Even entry level information security analysts have a chance at high salaries.)

Credly Badges - Insights - Salary Ranges Full

Tip #4 – Use Credly to Look at Which Companies are Hiring

Wondering which companies are hiring the most? Credly organizes the job openings by top employers. Personally, I’m not surprised to see that my current employer and one of my former employers are hiring for CISSPs. The cybersecurity job market continues to grow.

Credly Badges - Insights - Top Employers Full

Tip #5 – Use Credly to Learn About the Most Desired Cybersecurity Skills

Last, but not least, Credly provides interesting data about related skills for each cybersecurity certification. While this gives you an overview of skill keywords, the use cases are limited at the moment. However, I would definitely recommend integrating these keywords into your resume or even LinkedIn profile to boost your brand.

Credly Badges - Insights - Top Related Skills Full

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